Mango LMS 1.0 Mobile Experience

Delivery self-paced, instructor-led and curriculum based blended learning on mobile, get certification, self-service of transcripts, question & answer support, department/project/group learning, mobile push notifications and much more available on iOS & Android apps.

Learn On The Go

  • My Learn Summary
  • Course Sections
  • Course Card
  • Quick Find


Mobile Course Catalog

  • Company Course Catalog
  • Quick Find


Mobile Self-Paced Learning

  • Self-Paced Course
  • Taking a Self-Paced Course on Mobile
  • Taking a Quiz on Mobile
  • On Completion of a Self-Paced Course
  • Support SCORM content courses on Mobile


Mobile Instructor-Led Training

  • ILT Course
  • Enrolling for a ILT session on Mobile
  • On Completion of an ILT Course


Mobile Curriculum/Program

  • Curriculum/Program
  • Starting a Curriculum/Program on Mobile
  • On Completion of a Curriculum/Program


My Certificates

  • Learner Certificate on Mobile
  • Learner Profile on Mobile


My Transcripts

  • Self-service of transcripts from mobile


My Team Courses

  • Learn Module in a Team
  • Guest User Support


Mobile Action Center & Todos

  • My List on Mobile Action Center
  • My Staff’s List on Mobile Action Center
  • Integrated with My & My Staff’s ToDos


Mobile Notifications & Reminders

  • When a course is assigned
  • When a certificate is received
  • When a transcript is send
  • When a session in a ILT course is updated
  • When a session in a ILT course is deleted
  • Reminder when a course due date is approaching