Actionable Insights for Instructors

Instructors like the domain / LMS admins can get actionable insights about their course & learner performance


  • Learner Insights

    • For each learner who has been assigned to take a course / is taking a course or has completed the course there are in-built insights to gauge learner’s completion rate & engagement
    • Instructors have the same level of learner insights on their Self-Paced course / ILT course / Curriculum as the domain & LMS admins do
    • All the learner insights that instructors have visibility into are described here



  • Online & Downloadable Insights

    • Insights are available online to view on web. All insights can also be downloaded in XLS format
    • Downloadable versions (XLS) of the insights have additional columns like learner’s location, department, job title and other custom profile fields for more detailed analysis