Mango LMS 1.0 Learner Features

Learner home page, course catalog, course card with progress, take self-paced courses, enrol for ILT courses, get certificates, get transcripts, action center and many more features available to learners

Learner’s Home Page

  • My Learn Summary
  • Course Sections
  • Course Card
  • Advanced Search


Course Catalog

  • Company Course Catalog
  • Public Course Catalog
  • Advanced Search


Self-Paced Courses

  • Self-Paced Course Details Page
  • Taking a Self-Paced Course
  • Taking a Quiz
  • On Completion of a Self-Paced Course


Instructor-Led Courses (ILT)

  • Instructor-Led Training Course Details Page
  • Enrolling for an Instructor-Led Course
  • On Completion of an ILT Course



  • Curriculum Details page
  • Starting a Curriculum
  • On Completion of a Curriculum


My Certificates

  • Learner Certificates
  • Learner Profile


My Transcripts

  • Self-Service for Transcripts
  • Admin Send Transcripts
  • Transcript Types


My Team Courses

  • Learn Module in Projects, Groups & Departments
  • Learn Module for Guest Users


My Action Center & To Dos

  • My List in Action Center
  • My Staff’s List in Action Center
  • Integrated with My & My Staff’s ToDos


Learner Notifications & Reminders

  • Notify When a Course is Assigned
  • Notify When a Certificate is Received
  • Notify When a Transcript is Send
  • Notify Users When a Session in a ILT Course is Updated
  • Notify Users When a Session in a ILT Course is Deleted
  • Reminders For Courses with a Due Completion Date