Course Catalog

Course catalog helps companies provide employees (via internal course catalog) & customers (via public course catalog) a platform to discover, enrol and engage with the learning & training programs you have setup

  • Browse Courses by Categories

    • Courses created/uploaded in MangoApps are automatically added the course catalog in MangoApps
    • Course catalog is organized by categories that the domain admin / LMS admin has setup
    • All users will see all the categories that have been setup for your domain
    • Under a category the user will see the courses/curriculums that they have visibility into only (based on course/curriculum visibility value)


  • Public Course Catalog

    • Mango LMS lets you showcase your course catalog to non-registered users
    • All courses that have been setup with visibility of ‘Public’ will be automatically added to the public course catalog
    • Each course in the public catalog has a unique public URL that can be shared with anyone on the internet
    • Non-registered users can also see the details page of the public course/curriculum
    • To enrol for the course the user needs to become a registered user (network or guest) in your domain


  • Advanced Search in Catalog

    • All the advanced search capabilities in the learn module search bar are available in the internal course catalog
    • Multiple filters can be added in the learn module search bar to narrow down the search results