Instructor Led Courses

Enrol for scheduled virtual or classroom training in MangoApps. Built to be simple and used by anyone, Mango LMS provides user question & answers, user ratings and easy access to learner progress

  • ILT Course Details Page

    • User gets to see all the details in a Instructor-Led Training course details page that they see in a Self Paced Course
    • User gets to see a list of upcoming sessions across all locations that they can enrol into
    • Users can filter upcoming sessions by a specific location


  • Enrolling for a ILT Session

    • When self-enrolment is ON for the course, then the user can enrol for any one of the upcoming sessions from the web browser or mobile app.
    • When self-enrolment is OFF for the course then the user needs to follow the enrolment instructions provided by the LMS admin/instructor to take the course
    • User has the ability to switch from one session to another upcoming session if the max enrolment capacity has not been reached for the session
    • Once the user has enrolled for a session, the enrolled session is added to the users’ My learning page under ‘Enrolled Sessions’ section & also visible to the user on the course details page
    • User has the option to cancel the enrolment if they want to from the course details page


  • On Completion of the ILT Course

    • Leaner will
      • See the completed course on their My learning page
      • Receive a certificate for the course (if a certificate has been setup)
      • Get the course credit hours added to their name (if the course has credit hours)
      • Get the training time added to their name
      • See the My Course Summary updated on the course details page