New Intranet Features

With a powerful Intranet, you increase engagement by providing your employees easy-access and up-to-date information on what is most important to them.

Page enhancements with draft & versioning support

  • Intranet admins can now save draft versions of pages. Draft pages are accessible to all intranet admins for review and publishing.
  • Pages now have versioning support. Each time you publish a page a new version is created.
  • Your users now have the ability to view differences between any 2 versions of a page to see the changes made.
  • Intranet admins now have the ability to revert back to an older version of the page, if needed.




Simplification of company module with consolidation of posts & pages

  • In this release, the company posts/news page has been merged with rest of the company pages.
  • For your domain, if the home page has not been setup by your intranet admin, then by default company posts/news will become the home page. However, if the home page has already been setup then the company posts/news page will become the last page in the list of pages.
  • Like any other company page, the company posts/news page can also be moved around in the pages hierarchy giving intranet admins greater flexibility in designing their page hierarchy.
  • The company posts/news page, like before, is automatically configured to show the company news and announcements to everyone. Additionally, intranet admins continue to have the control to promote a user post and make it part of the company posts/news page, if required.


Must Read Posts enhanced with capability to get read & signature acknowledgement report

  • Must read posts have been enhanced beyond the standard type to include ability to get an acknowledgement from the readers
  • From this release you have 3 choices for must read posts
    • Standard Post: Regular post with no acknowledgement report
    • Acknowledgement Required Post: Post which the user needs to take an action before the content is shown. Report of who read the post is available.
    • Signature Required Post: Post which the user needs to enter initials before the content is shown. Report of who read the post is available.