iPhone, iPad & Android App Updates

Read more with improved UX of feeds, primary navigation now in-sync with web, friendly @mentions support and more – you’ll just love the many great updates this version of MangoApps for iOS and Android bring to your mobile users.

Feed/Comment readability improvements

  • News feed and messages now show the most recent comment/reply in the main stream allowing you to go through your updates 3X faster than before.
  • Ability to post a comment/reply directly from the main stream itself.
  • Tapping on a feed continues to show full conversation thread with the ability to view all comments along with the ability to attach images or videos with your comments/replies.

feeds   messages   feeds

Primary navigation improvements

  • Navigation on mobile is now controlled by what admins set on the Mango platform.
  • This navigation consists of the modules that are enabled by the admin and are in the same order that’s set on the web platform.
  • Inbox is now called “News Feed”, which shows all updates, and “Messages”, which lists all private messages.
  • Messages have a new filter that allows you to quickly view a list of all unread messages.

ipad1   lhs

Support for @mentions

  • While composing an update or posting a comment, you can now start typing in “@” followed by the name of the co-worker and you will be shown a drop-down with a list of co-workers, matching the name entered, to pick from.
  • With this release you will also see the mentions of co-workers in updates and comments highlighted with a different background color for quick identification.

mentions    mentions

Improved user profiles

  • User profiles have been enriched with abilities to add more information. They are also categorized into multiple sections, which include summary, experience, and education details.
  • The profile sections are shown as per the configuration done by the admin.

ipad2    profile

Improved team pages with modules & actions

  • Project, group and department pages now have the modules & actions separated out.
  • The modules enabled in the projects, groups and departments on the mobile are now as per what has been configured by the team admins on the web platform.

ipad3    modules

Improved user presence status on mobile

  • With this release the chat window now shows when the co-worker was last active on chat with status values like “Active now”, “Active 1h ago”, etc., to give to real time indication of the user’s presence.
  • Presence from users who are logged in from MangoApps using one of the mobile clients (iOS or Android) will now be shown as “Online on mobile”. If the user is also logged-in from additional non-mobile platforms (desktop, mac, social bar) then the presence would be “Online”.


More UX items, performance & security items

  • News feed and messages are now cached to give you faster performance
  • Files & Folders list has been simplified
  • Company module now shows posts/news and pages integrated
  • Ability to set a passcode has been added