MangoApps Web Interface Updates

Co-worker name friendly mentions, improved user profiles with custom field support and ability to quickly do powerful searches are some of the web interface updates that are part of the new MangoApps 10 release.

Improved @mentions support

  • First name based mentions have been introduced to make updates more co-worker-friendly. Where first name is not possible because of same first name for more than 1 co-worker then first and last name (either initial of the last name or full last name) is used.
  • Clicking on the mention now gives you a mini profile preview of the user – providing key information, such as title, manager, phone, email address and more.
  • Your mentions have a background based on the theme color and other users’ mentions have a grey colored background.
  • News feed continues to have a dedicated mentions tab to give you quick access to all updates you were mentioned in.


Support for custom profile fields

  • Admins can now extend user profiles with new custom fields which can be set to have more information about the user.
  • Every employee can now edit these custom fields along with other profile information on his profile (unless domain admin has disabled edit permissions).
  • Ability to search on these custom fields is available on the advanced search page.


Enhanced user profile pages with added summary and custom fields

  • User profile pages now have a summary field that allows you to provide your job description. This is also available in the downloadable PDF version of your profile.
  • Custom fields show up on your profile page by default under the Additional Information section.



Ability to add code snippets to wikis & posts

  • When you embed code snippets into wikis and posts, they now are automatically rendered with code syntax highlights.
  • With this release code snippets from over 20+ languages are supported out-of-the-box.


Enhanced Post feed viewing

  • Post feeds have been enhanced to show the first picture or video from the post content in the feed alongside a paragraph of text.
  • The post feed when clicked opens the full post viewer for enhanced viewing.


Improved search results & advanced search

  • You can now get to see all the search results on 1 page with the 3 most recent results on top. From the ‘All’ search results page you can get to each of the specific search categories to see older matching results as before.
  • From MangoApps 10, you can visit the advanced search page directly from the top search bar.
  • The advanced search page allows you to search with advanced filter options for all of your content in MangoApps.
  • All custom fields across projects, groups, files and people are available as advanced search options giving you the ability to search in a variety of different ways.



Other key improvements/simplications

  • Dimensions support for projects, groups, opportunities, files and people has been re-labelled as “Custom Fields” to better align the name with its purpose. The functionality associated with it continues to remain unchanged.
  • Ability to switch from one project to another (or one group to another) while inside a project has been simplified with a new drop-down available when hovering over the project/group name.