Fresh & Intuitive UX for Everyone

UI/UX designed for modern businesses with consumers in mind and shaped with enterprises in focus.

Fresh & Intuitive UX for Users, Guests and Admins

  • Faster & single primary navigation to all the MangoApps modules and apps.
  • Improved home page with ability to customize it with 50+ widgets.
  • Compose box made prominent to facilitate easier sharing among employees.
  • Search bar now has a direct way to access the advanced search page enabling you to perform complex searches on your data.
  • You now have the ability to completely re-order your navigation and add new shortcuts to it to match your usage and needs.
  • All modules have gotten a UI/UX uplift making them more engaging for your users to work with.
  • Modules like departments, projects, groups, opportunities and wikis now have a list of your pinned items presented directly on their landing page giving you instant access to the items that matter most to you.
  • All module landing pages now have a standard page control area on the top which includes look ahead search, quick browse by category capability, filters to narrow down the list, sort by option to order the list, ability to show/hide columns in the list, grid vs list view options based on your view preferences and the necessary tools to perform actions based on your account permissions – all accessible directly on the page control area allowing you to work with the modules a lot faster.
  • Inbox is now called “News Feed” which neatly organises updates into primary, secondary, @mentions for you. It has new filters for all your projects & groups updates. As a user you still have the flexibility to configure the order of tabs and the kind of updates that you want in primary vs secondary.
  • Private Messages are now called “Messages”. This is a new module on your primary navigation providing you easy access to your private conversations.
  • The guest portal has a new UI/UX to make it more engaging for guest users along with new capabilities, such as sending private messages to individual team members, easy access to multiple teams and the ability to setup a complete profile.
  • The admin portal navigation has been improved to allow admins to intuitively find the different module settings, app settings, security & compliance logs and many other tools needed to administer and monitor the domain effectively.
  • New help center to access all the online help resources.

Screenshots showing the salient features of the UI/UX

  • New Navigation. Improved Home Page. Prominent Compose Box. 50+ widgets options to choose from.


  • UI/UX Makeover. Integrated Page Control Area with Filters & Actions.


  • New Module Landing Page. Pinned Items Area.


  • All of MangoApps Modules & Apps Accessible From The Primary Navigation Bar.


  • Improved News Feed With @mentions. New Messages Module.


  • New Integrated Help Center


  • New Guest Portal


  • Improved Admin Portal