New Forms and Trackers module

With forms & trackers collect, coordinate & track anything

Forms for everyone in the company

MangoApps online web forms are easy to create and customize. It’s the perfect tool to effortlessly collect any kind of information in your company. Even better – forms are automatically integrated with the powerful trackers. That means you can immediately track, take action and manage the data you collect.

Forms come with the following features:

  • Forms as a new top level module
  • New wizard interface to design a new form or tracker
  • Choice of form & tracker templates available
  • New look ahead list field option now available in forms





Tracker enhancements & improvements

Following are the new enhancements & improvements that have been done to trackers in MangoApps 10:

  • Trackers accessible as a top level module
  • Ability to archive rows in a tracker
  • Ability to lock rows in the tracker and prevent them from being edited while you work on them
  • New filters to view active vs archived, locked vs un-locked rows in the tracker
  • New settings to control lock and archive privileges