New Integrations

We continue to connect more external systems to MangoApps to make it the central hub for all your employees. In this release the new integrations added are GoToMeeting, Box, and Jira.

All Integrations page

  • A new page which consolidates all the integrations that MangoApps supports has been added.
  • This is a great place for admins to checkout and then go to the appropriate module to configure it.


Integration with online meetings services – GoToMeeting &

  • MangoApps is now integrated with two online meeting services so that employees can do screen sharing, audio conferencing and video conferencing with co-workers across the globe.
  • This integration is now available from private chat and team chat on the IM bar by clicking on Start a private huddle or Start a team huddle action items. The integration can also be accessed from the events modules and via the huddle widget.



Full 2-way integration with

  • MangoApps now offers a 2-way fully integrated intranet solution with Box.
  • By simply configuring your Box enterprise account in MangoApps you can enable all documents uploaded or synced in MangoApps to reside in Box and any changes made to files and folders directly in Box to always sync with MangoApps.
  • This integration is available across all MangoApps platforms – web, mobile, Windows Desktop and Mac.


Web-hook based integration with Jira

  • You can now enable a team in MangoApps to connect to your Jira (an issue & project tracking software) account.
  • When team admins configure this you get updates into MangoApps from Jira anytime a new ticket is created, a ticket is commented upon or the status of an existing ticket is changed in Jira.