MangoApps for Mac Updates

With this update of MangoApps for Mac, battery utilisation has been reduced by 20% and newer capabilities like co-worker friendly @mentions and multiple file attachment support in chat have been added.

New Features & Capabilities

  • Co-worker name friendly mentions: While composing an update or posting a comment, you can now start typing in “@” followed by the name of the co-worker and you will be shown a drop-down with a list of co-workers matching the name which you can pick from. Additionally, you’ll see the mentions of co-workers in updates and comments highlighted with a different background color.


  • Support for multiple attachments in chat: The client now supports uploading multiple attachments with 1 message in the chat window making it easier to share more files in your 1-1 and team communication.


  • Presence improvements: With this release the chat window now shows when the co-worker was last active on chat with status values like “Active now”, “Active 1h ago”, etc., to give real-time indication of users’ status. Presence from users who are logged in from MangoApps using one of the mobile clients (iOS or Android) will now be shown as “Online on mobile”. If the user is also logged-in from additional non-mobile platforms (desktop, mac, social bar) then the presence would be “Online”.


  • Reduced battery consumption: Due to the optimizations done in this release, MangoApps for Mac now consumes 20% less battery life. The optimizations are largely around background refresh timers and file syncing cycle.
  • Additional UI improvements
    • The co-workers and teams section are now independently collapsible
    • Explicit download action against any attachment in chat
    • Improved speed of scrolling in the list


Bug Fixes

  • Bugs around automatic re-connection logic to connect and bring the user online when the network connectivity is restored.
  • Bug fixed around link not rendering as a clickable item at times.
  • Sometimes the client would crash when a new message is received – this has been fixed in this release.