What’s Changed/Removed In This Release?

List of items that have been changed/removed in this release

Notifications Bell

  • The notifications bell iconĀ  that used to be all news feed, activities and unread chats has been replaced by
    1. Notification center of your PC / Mac which will now show the MangoApps notifications as per your / your organization’s notification center settings. This will enable you to receive MangoApps notifications when you don’t have MangoApps user portal opened in your browser.
    2. New activities tab in news feed has been added which will show the activities relevant to you making News Feed the single place for users to check
    3. Unread chats icon has been added in the top bar
  • This change has been done to address customer feedback received around notifications which included,
    • Too many items in the notifications bell so don’t pay any attention to notifications and only use news feed
    • Don’t want notifications to mark news-feed as read because if I accidentally mark a notification as read, I don’t know how to undo it. (Feels like I will miss something)
  • The notifications icon in the mobile app also has been removed to remain aligned with the web platform
  • Learn more about notifications improvements here


News Feed Filters

  • News feed filters of ‘All Feeds’ which showed the public team feeds has been removed
  • Unread filter has been removed and replaced with the new Unread tab in News feed module
  • Learn more about the News Feed Improvements here


Notifications Widget Renamed to Activities Widget

  • The notifications widget on the dashboard will show the activities that are relevant to you
  • This will match what the user sees in the News feed > Activities tab


Web IM Bar / IM Changes

  • Go offline on Web IM bar has been removed to simplify the IM experience on web
  • Online on mobile status has been removed and replaced with just “Online”. The user is “Online” when they are in the mobile app. There status automatically changes to “Idle” (when app in background if they have push notification on) or “Offline” (when app in background and they do ‘not’ have push notification on)


IM & File Sync Split in 2 New Clients


Additional Changes

  • The default name of Media Library module has been changed to Media Center (to avoid with the new Libraries module)