Performance & Security Improvements

Faster & larger file upload support added. All communication from native clients use TLS 1.2

  • 50% faster file uploads & files up-to 5 GB/file can be uploaded

    • Performance of file uploads from mobile apps & web portal to the cloud have been made faster by 50% in this release compared to prior releases.
    • File size limit from 2 GB/file has been increased to 5GB/file. So you can now upload any file of up-to 5 GB from the web portal & mobile app.
    • Note: From the file sync client files up-to 10 GB/file are supported


  • All MangoApps native clients now use TLS 1.2 only

    • All desktop & mac native clients now use TLS 1.2 by default for all their communication.
    • This has been certified for the new messenger clients, tiny take clients and the new file sync clients on both windows & mac platforms