What has been removed/deprecated in MangoApps 11.2

In order to keep MangoApps free of bloatware, features that have had a low adoption or don’t work 100% of the cases over time get removed/deprecated from the product.

The following items have been removed/deprecated from this release onwards:

  1. Support for SharePoint Server would no longer be available on shared (multi-tenant) cloud. However customers using MangoApp on private cloud or on-premise would continue to have 100% support for SharePoint Server 2010, 2013. On shared cloud SharePoint Online (part of Office 365) would continue to be 100% supported.
  2. Support for Box as a storage would no longer be available on shared (multi-tenant) cloud. Box as storage would be 100% support for private cloud and on-premise customers.
  3. Usage of flash for photo upload in events has been removed. As a result users now can upload photos in events even from browsers with no flash plugin support.
  4. To strengthen the privacy requirements around  secret teams, ability to share a file publicly from a secret team has been removed.
  5. Automatic assigning of projects or groups to a department based on the creator’s department has been removed during the creation process. The project or group can still be assigned to a department of choice as before at anytime by the admin.