New Capabilities For The Admin

We listened to the IT teams of our clients and are happy to share the list of admin capabilities that went live with this release.

New User Getting Started Videos & Help Section:

    • New users for all domains signed up after the last release of MangoApps (release 11.1) on their first login will be presented with getting started help videos to get them started quickly with MangoApps.
    • The getting started detailed video lessons are tailored made based on your role as admin or a network user.
    • The admin of the domain has the option to turn off or customize these video lessons for all employees in your company.
    • A new help section now consolidates the help related settings for the admin



IP Address Based Access With AD Group Membership:

    • To provide differentiated access to employees based on their AD group membership, admins can now set IP based policies differently for different type of employees. For example – full-time salaried employees can be allowed access from anywhere where as part-time contractors are allowed access only when they login from within the company intranet.
    • This feature can be configured by the admin to be enforced when accessing from Web, Desktop & Mobile platforms.


ADFS Login To Sync User Profile Information:

    • Admins can now configure user profile information to be synched into MangoApps when users login using their ADFS login credentials.
    • This user profile sync supports custom fields to be synched into MangoApps as well. The user fields to be synched need to be mapped to corresponding values based on the outgoing claim rules that have been set in your ADFS server to send the values as claims.


Team Admin Permission Customisation:

    • Domain admins can now control if team admins have the permission to transfer owner rights to another team member. By default this permission is turned on to allow transfer access.


Improved Access Logs:

  • Now when the domain admin does a force sign out of all users in the domain, the access log entries would be updated to reflect the logged-out time for all the users.

User & Team Profile Short Preview / Cards:

  • The admin can now control if the user & team short preview / cards are available on click or on hover to all users.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Admins on the domain dashboard can now see how much file storage has already been used by all the files uploaded in their domain.
  • Team admins as per their country laws can enable/disable who can see whether a page has been viewed or not.
  • Admins can now set the default locale for guest users like they can for network users.
  • Import of users via CSV now supports importing of custom fields into MangoApps. Additionally a new column called “enabled” with values of true (to activate) or false (to de-activate) is now supported.
  • Export of users, the CSV exported would now carry additional information about when the user was “Last Logged In”.