MangoApps for Mobile (iOS & Android) Usability Improvements & Enhancements

1. Availability of Ideas & Campaigns Module:

  • Ability to share new ideas, view ideas and campaigns is now available on iOS & Android.



2. Availability of Web Shortcuts on Primary Navigation:

  • All shortcuts created on web by the user are now available to use on iOS & Android apps as well.



3. File Usability Improvements:

  • The file upload experience on mobile has been improved with the ability to attach multiple files in one upload and share a comment before posting it.
  • You can now view the full list of files in a folder directly on the file viewer by swiping thru’ it on iOS.
  • A right swipe has been provided on the file list to get a file link and like a file.
  • Ability to search files on the server by a guest user has been added.
  • Progress bar indicating the % uploaded is now shown during file upload.



4. Guest User Enhancements:

  • In user auto-complete lists, mention type-aheads, the guest users are now indicated by a label “(Guest)” next to their name.
  • When a post is being shared in a team (project or group) that has guest users, then their is a notice presented to the author that the team has guest users.



5. Private Messages Improvement:

  • You can now add your reactions in private messages and their replies as well.



6. Login Improvement:

  • If the user has logged into MangoApps once with a Single Sign On login method, then this is remembered for future as the preferred choice of login.
  • SSO via any SAML provider (ADFS, Okta etc., ) is now supported via MangoApps mobile.



7. Security improvements:

  • IP based access as per AD groups is supported from iOS & Android clients as well.



8. Team (Project & Group) Improvements:

  • Team names (& user names) in feeds are now tappable from the news feed details page.
  • Team mentions can be tapped on to visit the team page.
  • Ability to view all projects and groups is now available as a filter in addition to my projects/groups.

9. Support for Box as a Storage (for private cloud & on-premise customers only):

  • Once box has been configured as a storage for your domain and the user has authorized his account using web, box files can now be directly accessed inside MangoApps mobile.
  • Uploading new files from MangoApps mobile also uploads them to the box enterprise account via the users’ account.

10. Misc Usability Improvements & Enhancements:

  • Compose experience has been improved by smoothening the loading & unloading of screens/views.
  • For multiple language pages, the page shown on the mobile is now as per user’s locale preference (set on web).
  • Tasks on mobile now support attaching & viewing of files.
  • Support for viewing all users in your domain is now available. The initial list fetched is limited to 2000 users but any user profile in your domain can be accessed on mobile using the search function.
  • Handling of connections when the signal is poor has been improved.