MangoApps for Windows & Mac Enhancements

1. File Sync Enhancements:

  • The restriction of the full file path having a maximum of 256 characters has now been removed. So you can now sync files with full path of any length.



2. Notification Support for Additional Activities:

  • You will now be notified of your co-workers birthday, company holiday or special events on your native desktop / mac application.



3. Chat Improvements:

  • You can now customize the chat theme color and font size in your chat window.
  • Use of emojis in chat is now available.
  • You can customize your sound preference when you receive a new private or group chat message.
  • Message settings are now a click closer to use in your chat window.



4. Support for Box as a Storage (for private cloud & on-premise customers only):

  • Once box has been configured as a storage for your domain and the user has authorized his account using web, box files can now be directly accessed from the MangoApps desktop and mac clients.
  • Uploading new files from MangoApps desktop/mac also uploads them to the box enterprise account via the users’ account.


5. Guest User Enhancements:

  • In user auto-complete lists, mention type-aheads, the guest users are now indicated by a label “(Guest)” next to their name.
  • When a post is being shared in a team (project or group) that has guest users, then their is a notice presented to the author that the team has guest users.



6. Login Improvement:

  • If the user has logged into MangoApps once with a Single Sign On login method, then this is remembered for future as his preferred choice of login on mobile as well.
  • SSO via a SAML provider (e.g., ADFS) is supported via MangoApps Desktop / Mac remembering the user’s last login preference.


7. Misc Usability Improvements & Enhancements:

  • Compose experience has been improved.
  • Emoji support is available in all types when composing an update, question etc from desktop / mac.