MangoApps for Web/Platform Usability Improvements & Enhancements

1. News Feed Usability Improvements:

After sharing a post (update, question, poll etc) your My Feeds view is automatically refreshed to show your newly added post.

  • You now have keyboard support using Ctrl+Enter to submit a comment or reply on any feed.
  • You can now use Emojis in your updates, comments and replies.



2. Dashboard Usability Improvements:

  • Your preference of filter on dashboard widgets is remembered for future.
  • Widgets on the dashboard are now responsive to different browser widths and screen dimensions.



3. Inline Videos in Pages, Posts and Wikis:

  • Embedded videos now directly play inline inside the different long form content like pages, posts and wikis.
  • Embedded videos by default now are bigger to improve the visual look of the content. As before the width & height of the embedded videos can be adjusted.



4. File Upload Experience Improvements:

  • In the files module you now get a non-blocking file upload user experience. In other words, drag and drop multiple files and navigate to different part of MangoApps UI to continue your work without waiting for the file uploads to complete. You will continue to see the progress of your multiple file uploads via a file progress bar at the bottom of the page.
  • You now get instant image previews before the upload with real time indication of the progress.
  • Valid image files but without an extension (like .jpg, .jpeg, .png etc) can now be uploaded as profile, team and event pictures.



5. Guest User Enhancements:

  • In user auto-complete lists, mention type-aheads and office card, the guest users are now indicated by a label “(Guest)” next to their name.
  • When a post is being shared in a team (project or group) that has guest users, then their is a notice presented to the author that the team has guest users.



6. User Preferences of Views/Filter/Sort Remembered For All Modules:

  • To help users get to views of their choice fast anytime in any module, the last chosen value of view, filter and sort by from the user is remembered as the user preference. What’s great is that the user doesn’t need to do anything extra for this preference to be remembered – just use MangoApps and it would do the job of remembering your choice automatically!
  • This feature is available for all modules that are on your primary navigation/enabled by the domain admin.



7. Private Messages Improvement:

  • You can now add your reactions in private messages and their replies as well.



8. Login Page Improvements:

  • The login page UI has been updated with the new navigation on the left in the non-logged view to align closely with the logged-in view primary navigation.
  • If the user has logged into MangoApps once with a Single Sign On login method, then this is remembered for future as the preferred choice of login.



9. Integrated with Skype Video Calling & Chat:

  • You can now do a video call using Skype from people directory, social bar or from the user’s office card.
  • To get started just enter your Skype address in your profile to activate Skype calling.



10. Search Improvements:

  • Now all your dynamic pages content (like static pages) is searchable using the same search bar used for searching all the content in MangoApps.



11. Notifications Usability Improvements:

  • When you mark the last notification in the initial fetched list as read, automatically the next set of unread notifications are fetched for you without you having to refresh.
  • You now have a full notifications that aggregates posts from both primary & secondary which you have been notified on. You can even respond back directly from the notification page.



12. Tasks Usability Improvements:

  • Task workflow actions have been brought out and made available in the list for quick access.
  • Task actions like move, delete etc., now result in real time updates to the list and do not require a page refresh to view the updated list.



13. Calendar Improvements:

  • In the calendar you can now jump directly to a future or past month and year.
  • Anywhere a date selector (e.g., create a task, plan an event) is present in the dropdown, you can now jump to any month or year directly.
  • The visual aspects of items on the calendar has been improved.



14. Misc Usability Improvements & Enhancements:

    • Support for emojis in team and private chat.



    • Hashtags can now be created on the fly without an explicit “create the new tag” action and have been made case-insensitive to avoid creating redundant tags.



    • Your pinned items list in the different modules have been moved to left of the page (from it’s earlier right hand side placement) and have been made faster to load and quicker to get to.



    • Ability to post an idea directly into an idea campaign from the compose box is now possible.



    • Ability to share a question over email and get responses to it has been added (This is similar to share an update over email that was already supported).



    • Ability to view MangoApps portal in a full screen mode has been added.