New MangoApps Partner Program

Our partners mean the world to us; so with our new MangoApps Partner Program we have made partnering easy and profitable. It’s really all you need – and it’s free.

MangoApps new partner program comes with 2 simple partnering options.

1. Become a Referral Partner: In this option you refer the customer and earn a commission. For each customer you refer to MangoApps that signs up, you earn a 15% commission on the first 12 months of licensing revenue. No revenue commitment. No administration overhead. No customer followup required. It’s that easy!

Here is a video on how you can signup now and an overview of your partner portal account:



2. Become a Reseller Partner: In this option you own the customer relationship. You manage the marketing, sales, billing, support, and overall account management. MangoApps provides a turnkey world-class product you can sell immediately, plus all future software upgrades, and technical support for your team.

To learn more about both the partner options or to sign up for one visit the MangoApps Partner Program Page.