Bug Fixes in 11.2 release

Below is a list of reported bugs and their fixes in the 11.2 release.

1. Description: With AD/LDAP, login from Iphone / Mac,  and if external ID “like” match. Can appear logged in as someone else.
Fix: Exact match required.

2. Description: If a user is invited as network user on SAML domain the invite should go with the the login ID and Password.
Fix: Based on whether the email domain is same or different system will send credentials.

3. Description: The category drop down under projects/groups, does not reflect deleted Departments, as these create categories.
Fix: Deletion of department will delete the corresponding category.  If the department is restored the category will be recreated, if it doesn’t exist.

4. Description: Large forms would not scroll to the bottom to be submitted, after a required selection.
Fix: Allow scrolling to happen.

5. Description: Session Timeout Setting display under user access log for desktop and mobile. Session timeout does not expire client sessions.
Fix: Desktop and mobile sessions will not update the user access log.

6. Description: Export MDF data to email not working. Unable to export.
Fix: Now able to export MDF data.

7. Description: Draft Posts Error during auto-saving.
Fix: ID column fixed, issue resolved.

8. Description: The attachments do not go through if a non-member is posting attachments via email, to a group where ‘Allow non-members to post update’ setting is checked.
Fix: Issue resolved, users allowed to email attachments to groups as non-members that allow updates for non-members.

9. Description: Creating a post as an announcement from mobile app, would not populate in announcement widget under company page.
Fix: Will now populate under company, page if created from mobile app.

10. Description: Unable to edit image uploaded in Rich Text Box w/Media widget, after duplication on the 2nd edit (meaning a RTB that was duplicated with content, the duplication could not be edited afterwards) in the company pages only.
Fix: Issue resolved, able to re-edit widget correctly.

11. Description: “Get Wiki Link” on FireFox  does not feedback, the link has been copied to the clipboard, (normally you get an alert “copied to clipboard”). However link was being copied to the clipboard.
Fix: Feedback now displays correctly.

12. Description: Missing country code Democratic Republic of Congo (+243).
Fix: Added.

13. Description: Update, Question, Poll. In “Post” , need to make Team as a default setting.
Fix: Compose default selection set to “team” instead of “everyone”.

14. Description: Not able to embed twitter feeds using the template, the feeds don’t retain scripts.
Fix: Enabled functionality for external source integrator widget, script to be retained from a template.

15. Description: Form & Tracker settings were not being retained after being placed into a template, then applying the template.
Fix: Settings will now be retained.

16. Description: Changing the date format standard example (DD/MM/YYYY), would not populate for every displayed date.
Fix: Should now display and preview correctly to the format chosen.

17. Description: Tasks were not updating to reflect recent selections or changes, unless refreshed.
Fix: Tasks will now update correctly without a refresh needed.

18. Description: Best Case Estimate and Worst Case Estimate not always being displayed in tasks.
Fix: Now will display if estimated time entered. Note: Not editable to add a time after creation of task.

19. Description: Non-dated milestone will not allow template to be created.
Fix: Alert will be given to not allow a non-dated milestone to be saved to a template.

20. Description: Pending Approvals in the admin view can lock up and require refresh to reflect selections.
Fix: No longer lock up and no longer require page refresh.

21. Description: In Trackers, if the filter is set to “archived rows”; the “more actions” settings did not reflect this view.
Fix: The “More actions” now gives a correct drop-down of options.

22. Description: After un-checking the “include public data filter” in files and folders, the setting isn’t remembered for the next search.
Fix: Past selection now remembered.

23. Description: Number of Labels and “details tab” not under the translation engine.
Fix: Now added and translatable.

24. Description: Links inside of PDF’s not working correctly.
Fix: Will now link correctly and external link will open a new tab.

25. Description: In the file viewer; comment button is hidden under “My Status”, if there are too many comments.
Fix: Comments button now visible in that situation.

26. Description: Untick the box “show the guest list to everyone” in events, displays new guests invited in comments area, which is inconsistent behavior.
Fix: Instead of displaying user in comments, this will not display “has invited people to the event”.

27. Description: Inserting Links when crafting a Wiki won’t display correctly as links; but will after Wiki is published.
Fix: Added Placeholders to indicate a working link while in edit mode.

28. Description: Unable to attach files to tracker “attach” field, in specific configurations.
Fix: Now able to attach files in all known configurations.

29. Description: When adding new users, sometimes will display as last name/first name if pulled from active directory via the surname.
Fix: Format now corrected in this situation.

30. Description: Creating hashtag when setting set to admin only, some inconsistent behavior.
Fix: Behavior is now consistent with setting selections.

31. Description: Unable to change email address of users who are deactivated.
Fix: Now able to change a deactivated email address.

32. Description: Issue with user not having access to a sub-folder in a team and stopping the sync process.
Fix: Sync issue will not adjust to the sub-folder permissions, without stalling.

33. Description: Preview for PDF document was not always working, meaning it wouldn’t load.
Fix: PDF now loads every time.

34. Description: API link to a users “my drive” caused error 500.
Fix: API link corrected.