Tracker Improvements

Saving column width, row height preferences, @mention capability to user look ahead, new URL column type, bulk row operations and new system columns capabilities have been added to the tracker in this release

Save column width & height for all users

  • Column width for each column in the table can be set and applied to all the team members
  • Row height now has 4 options to choose from and can be applied to all the team members
    • Short
    • Medium
    • Tall
    • Extra Tall
  • Column width option is available on column borders. Row height option is available on right click of the row.
  • Column width & row height can be set differently for each table in the tracker
  • When the column width or row height is changed, the button to save these changed will appear on the top bar
  • Only tracker creator and team admins have the permission to save the changes and apply it to all users

User look ahead can now @mention the user

  • User look ahead field in the tracker has a new setting to @mention the user in the cell
  • The news feed preference “When entry is added” should be set to “Add a new feed” for the new @mention setting to be applicable
  • The user in the cell value who gets mentioned can be any user based on the ‘Look Ahead Data’ setting.
  • The mentioned user will see the record feed and the comments/activity on it under their ‘Mentions’ tab (like it is for other feeds where they are mentioned)
  • The mentioned user will see the @mention icon in the record feed in the tracker (if they have access to the tracker)
  • Additionally if the news feed preference value for  “When entry is added” is:
    • Set to “Add a new feed”, then in record activity you can @mention any network user in the domain including non-team members.
    • Set to any other value, then in record activity you can @mention only team members of the team. This is the existing capability.
    • NOTE: @mention of a NON team member in the activity tab of an EXISTING entry/row is ONLY supported when there is a corresponding news feed for that entry/row.

New URL column type added

  • A new field type to support http & https URLs has been added to tracker & forms
  • Like other column types the URL column also has properties like default value, behaviour options like required and admin only visibility are supported
  • Clicking on the URL column in the record will open the web app/site in a new tab

New system columns added

  • Following new system columns have been added to tables
    • Submitted By – The user who added/submitted the record
    • Submitted Date – The date/time when the record was added/submitted
    • Last Modified By – The user who last edited/changed the record
    • Last Modified Date – The date/time when the record was last edited/modified
  • System columns can be used to filter or sort the data in the tracker
  • System columns can be added to or hidden for specific tables by tracker creator/team admins
  • The column properties and column type of these system columns can’t be changed.
  • Tracker widget on dashboard and team pages will support the system columns also

Multiple attachments support

  • Attachment column type in trackers has been enhanced to support & show multiple attachments in one column
  • Forms with attachment field has been enhanced to support upload of multiple attachments
  • Up to a max of 10 attachments are be attached to a file attachment column

Amount & formula improvements

  • Amount column now supports
    • Showing commas in the value
    • Allowing negative value in the field
  • Formula column now supports
    • Showing the currency in the value when one of the columns in the formula is an amount.
    • The final value in formula will now be rounded off to 2 digits
    • Formula to calculate ‘percentage’ has been added

Bulk row operations

  • Ability to select bulk rows with a new ‘Select All’ check box option.
  • ‘Select All’ selects on up to max of 500 records at one time and on “Right Click” offers the following bulk actions on rows
    • Lock/Unlock All Selected Entries
    • Archive/UnArchive All Selected Entries
    • Delete All Selected Entries


Add table to calendar enhancement

    • Table (with a custom filter) when added to the calendar can now be optionally made visible to specific people in addition to the entry creator & manager
    • A unique color can be assigned to entries from one table to make it easy to view tracker entries in the calendar
    • On the calendar when the ‘Tracker Entries only’ filter is selected there is an additional filter available to narrow entries
      • Entries the user has added
      • Entries the user has edited


Misc additional improvements

  • Records in a table
    • Count of records in a table will now be shown on the top bar
    • Record count will be automatically updated when records are added, records are deleted, search is performed or a filter is set

  • Multi-column filters
    • When a filter is applied on one or more columns, it will now be indicated on the top bar as ‘N filters applied’
    • Ability to clear all the applied filters with 1-click has been added

  • Bulk setting of default values
    • There is new action for ‘Apply Default Value’ on columns that have a default value
    • When the admin sets a default value for a column in a tracker that already has records then they can use this new action to apply the new default value to all records where the column value is empty

  • Creation of new table & new form
    • Ability to create new tables and forms has been moved to under ‘Tracker Tools’ alongside all other admin actions

  • New column addition
    • The UI to add new column or insert new columns has been updated to require ‘Column Type’ to be selected before showing the other column specific settings
    • Column type dropdown has a search bar to make it easy to pick the type

  • Transfer tracker owner rights option
    • Team admins (or tracker creator) can transfer the owner rights for a tracker to another member of the team
    • Tracker log will capture the transfer owner right action

  • Captcha setting for public forms
    • When the public sharing setting is enabled for a form, there is a new option to enable captcha on it
    • When captcha setting is ON, the captcha is shown when the form is viewed by a non-logged in user (to prevent spam entries)
    • Logged in users will not see the captcha when they submit the form