Notes Improvements

Notes module has been enhanced with new table styles, special characters support and other improvements

New table styles

  • New table styling options have been added to the table to help you modify the look of tables and table cells
  • Table border color and style, background cell color, padding, and text alignment can be changed


Special characters support

  • Special characters support that has long been present in many text editors and word processing applications now is available in MangoApps Notes
  • Special characters is a dedicated panel to insert different symbols and characters into your content. These often include mathematical symbols, punctuation, currency symbols, arrows, and letters from scripts that your default keyboard may not contain.


Additional improvements

  • Code blocks
    • Support for code blocks has been added. It include code blocks for ruby, python, java, html, css and more
    • Native spell checking is automatically disabled in code blocks
  • Document colors
    • The colors already used in the current note are available in a section under the colors dropdown for quick access
  • Toolbar kitchen sink
    • Notes editor toolbar is responsive and so the toolbar actions automatically move in & out of  “show more” menu
  • Page breaks
    • Ability to add page break in the note has been added
    • The downloaded PDF support the page breaks added in the note