Launching Video CC/Subtitles

Speech in the videos can be automatically converted to closed captions (CC) / subtitles to improve reach and accessibility

 Closed captions (CC)/subtitles admin settings

  • A new setting is now available for domain admins (Domain > Voice & Video) that will enable closed captions (CC)/subtitles for the audio in the videos.
  • Once this setting is turned ON, then the domain & intranet admins have the option to
    • Generate subtitles on a video using the Mango AI Engine
    • Upload subtitles on a video in over 50 languages
  • The subtitles support in this release is available to videos playing on the web

Media center

  • All videos in the media center now will have a new option called ‘Edit Properties > Subtitles‘ (when the admin setting is ON)
  • This option will be enabled for domain & intranet admins only
  • This opens the ‘Manage Subtitles dialog where the
    • Domain/intranet admin can turn ON or OFF the subtitles for the video
    • See a list of available subtitles (generated or uploaded) for the video
    • Use the MangoApps AI Engine to
      • Automatically generate the subtitles in languages used by the users in the domain (up to a max of 6)
      • You can select the source language in which the voice is in the video or let the MangoApps AI engine automatically detect the language.
      • The MangoApps AI engine option is available on a video of up to 60 minutes at this time
    • Ability to upload manually video text track (VTT) file for all videos is also available in over 50 languages
    • WebVTT file management actions in the ‘available list’ are
      • Download – Download¬† the subtitles file
      • Delete – Delete the subtitles file for that language

File viewer

  • Videos in the file viewer “Details” panel have a new section called ‘Subtitles‘ (when the admin setting is ON)
  • This section tells if the subtitles are enabled or disabled for this video. If they are enabled it also lists the languages in which the subtitles files are available
  • Domain & intranet admins have the permission to ‘manage‘ the subtitles settings from here by opening the ‘Manage Subtitles’ dialog from here

Post’s video block

  • A video block in the post has a new property in the ‘Set Properties’ panel to turn ON or OFF subtitles for the video (when the admin setting is ON)
  • Turning on the setting from the video block for a video will auto-trigger the AI engine to generate the subtitles for the video (if the video duration is < 60 minutes)
  • This setting is available to domain & intranet admins only

Video player with CC option

  • Video which has the subtitles ON will now show a new option “CC” icon in the video player
  • When the video plays, subtitles will automatically play in the user set language in their profile
  • The user has the option to turn off the subtitles via the ‘CC’ menu or change the language in which he want’s subtitles.

Faster video streaming

  • Videos uploaded in MangoApps will now be buffering & streaming a lot faster. This will be powered by the integration of MangoApps and the Edge/CDN technology being enabled by default
  • The fast video streaming is available on all platforms – web, mobile & messenger clients