Mobile Apps Enhancements

New hashtag module, post alerts, inline translations and more are the new additions in the MangoApps for iOS and Android apps in this release

New hashtags module

  • Mobile apps can now have the hashtag module as an option on their primary navigation
  • Hashtag module will show news feeds that are tagged with hashtags that the user follows. User can further filter the news feed by
    • A specific hashtag they follow
    • A super hashtag
  • Ability to follow a hashtag (or unfollow) is available
  • On sharing an update or post you can now
    • Get a list of popular hashtags to pick from and add to the update/post
    • Get a list of all hashtags by typing in “#’ followed by an alphabet



Post enhancements

  • Posts that don’t have a featured image now display the post title in the card with a background color
  • Alert post enhancements
    • Alert post will display as a pop up with ability to acknowledge it
    • Ability to display the alert post has been added in news feed and posts module with the ‘Alert’ tag
  • Launch the post viewer directly and quickly has been added when the user is logged into the MangoApps mobile app from
    • SMS
    • Push notification toaster
    • Email on mobile

Inline text translation support

  • News feed module on mobile would now show a link “See translation” that will translate inline the text (in any language) to the language set by the user on their profile. Auto inline translation of the following content types is now supported
    • Updates
    • Questions
    • Posts
    • Comments / replies on the above
  • Domain admins can disable the auto inline translation for their domain


Tracker feeds

  • Tracker feed has been improved to show the entry/submission values in a table
  • Creation of new entries and edit of existing entries have both been updated to show the entry values


Additional improvements

  • Mobile app launch event is now recorded in the user access log for domain admins under Domain > Logs > User Access Log
  • MangoApps iOS App web view components have been upgraded from UIWebView to WKWebView component to meet apple requirements –
  • MangoApps Android App is ready at API level 29 required as per the Google Play requirements to submit apps from August, 2020