Messenger Clients, File Sync & TinyTake Enhancements

Reactions on chat messages, post alert support, more participants allowed in a screen share / video call, file sync features and tiny take for mac gets ability to create a movie / GIF

New reactions in chat messages

  • Users can now like, super like and add reactions to any chat message
  • You can view a list of users who have already reacted on a chat message
  • Reactions are available in both 1-1 and teams chats
  • Both windows & universal messenger client support the new reactions


Post alert notification support

  • Messenger clients support showing the new post alert notification
  • Post alert notification toaster uses the featured image and color setup for the alert
  • Both windows & universal messenger clients have this feature


Screen sharing / video call improvements

  • In the chat windows the ability to do a 1-1 screen share orĀ  1-1 video call is now available from the top menu bar
  • Screen sharing / video call support has been extended from 2 users to 8 users in one session
  • Improvements have been made to reduce voice related drops
  • Both windows & universal messenger have these improvements


Capture image from webcam

  • Ability to capture your picture using the webcam has been added
  • You can crop / adjust the picture taken and set it as your profile picture in just a few clicks
  • This feature is available in windows messenger only


Login window improvements

  • New actions on the login screen have been added
    • Connection check – Green color here indicates that your connectivity to the chat service is good
    • Startup settings – Green color here indicates that the messenger client will automatically start up when your laptop/desktop is rebooted
    • Report a Problem – Report a problem with the logs to MangoApps support
    • Application Preferences – Open the application preferences screen
  • This is currently available on windows messenger client only

File sync client enhancements

  • New actions have a been added to the list of synced files. These actions include
    • Copy link – Gives an online shareable link. Only users who have view permission can view the file with this link
    • Version history – Gives the version history of the file
    • View on web – Open the file online in the browser
    • View in finder – Take the user to the folder in the finder / explorer in which the file resides

  • Profile dropdown enhanced to include
    • Amount of data synced
    • User actions including sync settings

  • Advanced options now include menu to go to user’s
    • Local trash can
    • Online trash can

  • Improved contact support dialog.
    • Reporting an issue from here will email MangoApps support team directly
    • It will automatically include the debug logs needed. It will not include any user specific data

  • Search improvements
    • Search results will return matching folder names also
    • Search now will give an option to do a deep search on file content
    • The search results will displayed on the web portal

  • Finder / explorer integration
    • Right click on a synced file in the finder / explorer to get new options
    • These options include
      • View the file on the web
      • Copy online link of the file

  • Additional improvements
    • SSO login UI has been improved
    • When the user is suspended their remembered login credentials on the client will be automatically removed (security feature)


TinyTake for Mac client enhancements

  • Added a new option to create a movie or GIF
  • Create a movie or GIF supports
    • Ability to add a set of images to the canvas
    • Ability to set the canvas size & background color
    • Ability to set time for each slide display in the movie/gif


Additional improvements in messenger clients

  • Create group workflow has been improved to ensure that duplicate groups with same users are not created. User is prompted if a group with same membership already exists.
  • Ability to drag and drop a user and add them to the team chat has been added. This is available from both the people panel and active/pinned chats list. This feature is available in the windows messenger only.
  • Ability to resend a message has been added in the chat window
  • Clicking in a person, team, active chat or pinned chat automatically closes the right panel for better chat window usability
  • Window size of the chat that is set by the user is now automatically remembered as a user preference across sessions.
  • Open chats section is now called ‘ACTIVE’ . Pinned chats section is now called ‘PINNED’


Performance improvement in universal client

  • The universal messenger client performance has been improved by over 35%
  • It now consumes a lot less CPU when running in the background