MangoApps 14.2 Release Overview

MangoApps Release 14.2 went live for US customers on June 15th. For customers in our Europe, Germany, Australia & Asia data centers, 14.2 went live in the week of June 29th – July 3rd (during non-working hours in that region)

Launching Post Alerts

    • Out-of-the-box alert templates
    • Activate, re-order & import alert templates
    • Crisis, critical & business continuity communication
    • Multiple delivery channels, preview and draft capabilities
    • Alert one location or multiple teams with one alert post
    • Full insights & report for admins
    • Resent alert to audience who have not read it
    • Automatic voice translation using Mango AI Engine
    • Integrated in post widgets on dashboard & company/team pages

Launching Engagement Campaigns

    • Create engagement campaigns
    • Target audience and narrow user segments
    • Ability to preview and send a test email
    • Ability to create drafts & schedule campaigns
    • Audit-ready insights & report for the campaign
    • Boost campaign to audience who haven’t read it

Launching Video CC/Subtitles

    • Closed captions (CC)/subtitles admin settings
    • Media center
    • File viewer
    • Post video block
    • Video player with CC option
    • Faster video streaming

Office 365 & G Suite Widget Integrations

    • Office 365 Apps link widget
    • G Suite Apps link widget

Tracker Improvements

    • Save column width & height for all users
    • User look ahead can now @mention the user
    • New URL column type added
    • New system columns added
    • Multiple attachments support
    • Amount & formula improvements
    • Bulk row operations
    • Add table to calendar enhancement
    • Misc additional improvements

Notes Improvements

    • New table styles
    • Special characters support
    • Additional improvements

Misc Web Portal Enhancements

    • Advanced compose
    • File improvements in library & attach files
    • Reporting enhancements
    • Library enhancements
    • Greetings & recognition new categories & assets
    • Quick access to change profile photo
    • Turkish language support added
    • Post improvements
    • Additional improvements

Mobile Apps Enhancements

    • New hashtags module
    • Post enhancements
    • Inline translation into 54 languages
    • Tracker feed improvement
    • Additional improvements

Messenger Clients, File Sync & TinyTake Enhancements

    • Reactions in chat messages
    • Post alert notification support
    • Screen share / video call improvements
    • Capture image from webcam
    • Login window improvements
    • File sync client enhancements
    • TinyTake for mac client enhancements
    • Performance improvements in universal messenger
    • Additional improvements in messenger clients

What’s Changed/Removed in this Release