Launching Post Alerts

Effective crisis, critical and business continuity internal communications that reaches 100% of your workforce – working remotely, in the office, or on the frontline


We saw many of our customers use posts to communicate short critical, time-sensitive, emergency related updates. This usage drove the requirements to create a new kind of posts called “Alerts”. Posts as we know it continue as is under content posts for use cases of company news, process/policy update, weekly update, sales win,  employee promotion & much more.  Alerts on the other hand, are  designed to reach your employees during the times of crisis or emergency. Bad weather, an unexpected office closure, or a serious incident; unplanned events and circumstances disrupt business, so getting critical information out in a time-sensitive way is key to reducing negative impact. Use alerts to notify employees when urgent communication is required, and keep them updated as events unfold. Compose your alert then choose from different delivery channels to send the message out – including SMS for when you need to contact employees quickly – whether they’re working remotely, in the office, or on the frontline. Our out-of the box templates capture some of the common use cases that we see alerts being used for to help you get started using alerts right away.

Out-of-the-box alert templates

  • Domains admins have ready to use out-of-the-box templates to get started with ease
  • Domain admins can create their own custom template from scratch or clone a out-of-the-box template and customize it
  • Pre-shipped alert templates include
    • Armed Individual
    • Bomb Threat
    • Civil Disturbance
    • Fire Warning
    • Flood Warning
    • Hazardous Warning
    • Hurricane Warning
    • Inclement Weather Warning
    • IT Outage
    • Possible Criminal Warning
    • Potential Cyber Breach
    • Power Outage
    • Road Closures
    • Snowstorm Warning
    • Tornado Warning
    • Tsunami Warning
    • Wildfire Warning

Activate, re-order & import alert templates

  • Domain admins can activate or de-activate the alert templates based on organization requirements
  • Domain admins can prioritize the order in which the alert templates are available for intranet admins to view / use
  • Enterprise customers can create alert templates in their staging setup and when ready import them into their production setups

Crisis, critical & business continuity communication

  • Intranet admins & domain admins can send out company wide, location specific and team alert posts
  • Alert posts by admins provide a single source of truth and get to your employees instantly without the employees having to find it

Multiple delivery channels, preview & draft capabilities

  • Alert posts can reach 100% of your workforce over multiple delivery channels even at most complex organizations
    • Text / SMS – Users who have their mobile number filled in on their profile will receive the alert post via SMS/Text
    • Mobile Push Notifications – Users who have their push notification turned on will receive a mobile push notification
    • Mobile App Popup – When the mobile app is launched the alert post will be shown as a popup and they will have to acknowledge it before moving ahead
    • Web App Popup – Users on the web portal will be shown a popup with the alert post and they will have to acknowledge it before moving ahead
    • Web App Banner – Users on the web postal will be shown a site-wide banner on the top for the alert post. This option is only for company-wide alert post & not team alert posts
    • Desktop/Mac Push Notification – Users on the desktop/mac messenger app will receive a real time push notification for the alert post
    • Email – Users with email address will receive the alert post over email
  • Alert posts are pushed in real time on all checked delivery channels (even if the recipient notifications are off for posts)
  • Preview alert posts prior to sending them on multiple delivery channels
  • Save alerts in drafts to have other intranet & domains admins review it prior to sending it

Alert one location or multiple teams

  • Ability to include one or more location groups in the CC list to broadcast the alert post to multiple locations
  • Ability to include multiple departments, projects or groups in the CC list to send the alert post to multiple teams

Full insights & report for admins

  • Get audit-ready insights on every alert post with a list of users who have read/acknowledged it & who have not
  • Get day-by-day acknowledged report of the alert post
  • Download the full insights in an XLS for detailed analysis & sharing

Resent alert to audience who have not read it

  • Resend the alert over one or more delivery channels to employees who have not read/acknowledged it
  • No need to create a duplicate alert post, just resend it and keep all insights for a post together

Automatic voice translation using Mango AI Engine

  • All the text in the alert posts is by default automatically translated to voice and available as a podcast to listen
  • Intranet or domain admins can turn off auto conversion to voice for an alert

Integrated in post widgets on dashboard & pages

  • Alert posts are also available in posts & podcasts widgets on dashboard & company/team posts