Tracker Improvements

New display layout styles for forms, access to bulk row actions, formula & URL column type improvements and top bar docking are the new enhancements to the tracker module in this version

Video Walk-thru of Tracker Improvements in 14.2.1

New Display Layout Styles For Forms

  • Two display layout styles have been added to forms
  • Classic Style
    • This style shows your image/logo, title, and description on the top of the page, and the form below it. This is as it was before.
    • The color when enabled will be shown in the background of the form. This is new in this release.
    • Use this style when embedding the form in a website
  • Modern Style
    • This is a new style that shows your image/logo, color,  title, and description on the left and your form on the right.
    • Use this style when you have a long form description, wan’t your description to remain visible while scrolling through the form or have the form be the full website for your users

Access to Bulk Row Actions

  • Bulk row actions will now be available in the top action bar when  1 or more rows are selected in the tracker
  • The bulk row actions that will be easily accessible include
    • Lock/Unlock of all selected rows
    • Archive/Unarchive of all selected rows
    • Delete of all selected items

Formula Column Improvement

  • Formula column has added new properties to offer you greater control on the final value
  • The new properties are
    • Format – Use this setting to decide the display format of the value calculated by the formula. Choose from integer, decimal, currency or percentage options
    • Precision – Use this setting to decide the number of places of decimal that the value calculated by the formula will be rounded off. Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 places of decimal
    • Symbol – Use this to enter the symbol that will be prepended to the value calculated by the formula

URL Column Improvement

  • URL field has a new display text property that you can set
  • This will be an optional property for the URL
  • If the display text is provided then where ever the URL value is present, the display text will be shown

Top Bar Docking

  • When the no. of rows in a table are more than 1 page and you scroll thru’ it vertically, the tracker will now dock at the table bar
  • This will allows users to view additional rows with the colored tracker strip hidden

Long Form Field Titles/Questions

  • Now you can increase the number of characters in form fields up to 500
  • Increasing the form field titles does not impact the table field titles