Post Improvements

Auto-locking of post during edit, send post for review prior to publish and posts cached at edge to make then viewable instantaneously

Video Walk-thru of  Post Related Changes in 14.2.1

 Company Posts Lock & Send For Review

  • Create & edit of company post now automatically acquires a lock for you so that your company post cannot be changed by another intranet admin until you have published it
  • Intranet admin have a new action “Send for Review” where you can share a link of your draft company post for review with any user in the company.
  • Delete of a draft company post now asks for a confirmation to make sure that any intranet admin deleting the draft is aware that the draft post will be permanently deleted for all intranet admins.
  • Ability to duplicate a draft company post has been added
  • All post edits, drafts, deletes are captured in the admin portal under “Home > Debug” log


Posts Widgets Enhancements

  • Post widgets have additional filter options for
    • Multiple categories
    • Type of posts
  • Multiple categories option supports
    • Ability to select multiple categories to show posts in the widget
    • When multiple categories are selected then posts assigned “to any of selected” categories will be shown in the widget
  • Type of posts
    • Ability to select 1 or more types of posts to show in the widget
    • Type of posts include
      • Regular
      • Announcements
      • Must read posts
      • Alerts
  • Post widget enhancements are available in dashboard, company & team dynamic pages

Post View Count is Back

  • Domain admins now have an option to show the post view count to all users who can access/view the post
  • For regular posts the view count is shown and for acknowledgement required posts the acknowledged count is shown
  • As before, when this setting is ON (which is the default) now, users can see who else has viewed the post

Post View Performance Improved by 80%

  • Post content are now cached on the edge to make viewing of a post about 80% faster
  • This performance improvement applies to all types of posts