MangoApps 14.2.1 Release Overview

Please visit MangoApps Release 14.2.1 Video Walk through for a video walk-thru’ of release 14.2.1

Introducing SMS Campaigns

  • Create SMS engagement campaign
  • Target audience and narrow user segments
  • Ability send a test SMS
  • Ability to preview SMS
  • Ability to create drafts & schedule SMS campaigns
  • Audit-ready insights & report for the SMS
  • Boost SMS to audience who haven’t clicked on the link

Tracker Improvements

  • New display layouts for forms
  • Bulk actions on records
  • Formula column improvements
  • URL column improvement
  • Top bar docking
  • Support for long form field titles

Post Improvements

  • Company posts lock & send for review capability
  • Posts widget enhancement
  • Post views are back for everyone
  • Post view performance improved by 80%

Misc Web Portal Improvements

  • People widget additional options
  • Unsubscribe from emails
  • Modules setup UI for domain admins
  • Control to not show birthdays on calendar

Messenger, File Sync & TinyTake Improvements

  • Improved SSO experience in file sync
  • Ability to logout from file sync
  • New pixelate tool in tiny take client
  • Ability to drag & drop in tiny take client
  • Drag me capability
  • Create new group chat, invite user actions
  • Remote device management

Mobile Apps Enhancements

  • Libraries module available in the mobile apps
  • SSO UI improvements

Patch Release 14.2.2 (on top of MA 14.2.1) 

  • Quick links in company & team pages are searchable now
  • File viewer has a home icon to go to landing page
  • Availability of Mango Intranet, Mango Work & Mango Suite on AWS marketplace
  • Self signup opened for Mango Directory & Mango Basic from
  • Miscellaneous Software fixes


Click here for a video walk-thru’ of release 14.2.1