Messenger Clients, File Sync and TinyTake Improvements

Improved SSO experience, remote device management, improved drag & drop support are just some of the improvements to the native clients

File sync client improvements

  • Enhanced SSO UI and experience
    • 1 or more SSO options configured by the admin are supported

  • Ability to log out
    • Added ability to sign out from the sync client when app is not in use
    • Sign out will stop the sync of files and folders
    • It will continue to retain the user credentials and also the users folder selections.
Sign Out Option

TinyTake for Mac client improvements 

  • New pixelate tool
    • Added a new annotation tool to pixelate certain area
    • This tool can be used to blur out any piece of information in the image
    • Choose pixelation size by adjusting the chooser

  • Ability to drag and drop
    • Added ‘Drag and Drop’ support in history window to quick upload
    • Both media and other file types can be dropped in bulk

  • Drag Me capability
    • ‘Drag Me’ tool has been added to copy current TinyTake opened image to any other app
    • This option will be used to simply drag the captured image to Microsoft Office apps on Mac like Pages, Numbers, Keynote
    • The captured image can also be dragged to apps like notes, safari browser & more


  • Windows 10 messenger improvements

    • See More option
      • Ability to collapse and expand the pinned & active chat list when there are more than 5 items in the list has been added
      • When a new IM comes in a pinned chat, then the chat automatically come on top to make sure you never miss it

    • Create new group chat
      • Ability to create new team chats from the team’s list has been added

    • Ability to invite users 
      • Ability to add new users into the domain has been added
      • This option will take the user to the browser invite page


  • Universal messenger improvements

    • Remote device management is now supported
      • Universal messenger client now supports the downloaded files & other cached data to be remotely wiped out by the domain admin
      • Additionally remote wipeout will logout the user from the client
      • Universal messenger client now can be disabled remotely by the domain admin
      • Disabling the client will prevent the user from logging in from this workstation (in addition to wiping out any cached / downloaded data)

Messenger misc improvements

  • Version no. has been added to app title making it easier to know the version you are on
  • Drag & drop images from TinyTake client to messenger client is now supported