Misc Web Portal Improvements

Unsubscribe from emails, signature field type in profile, module setup admin UI and control on showing birthdays in the calendar has been added in this release

Video Walk-through

People Widget Additional Options

  • In the people the “Display Range” options are. available for
    • Recent Joinees
    • Recent Awardees
  • Display range options allow you to specify
    • Count of matching users to show -or-
    • Matching users in the recent N days

Unsubscribe From Email Notifications

  • Users can now unsubscribe from receiving email notifications directly from the emailĀ  itself (without logging into the portal)
  • Ability to unsubscribe is available for
    • Specific digest email notification
    • All out-of-channel notifications

Modules Setup & Settings for Admins UI

  • The module setup & settings UI for domain admins has been updated
  • Under Domain > Modules, only modules that are available for the domain are listed
  • Against each module going to the ‘Settings’ of that module is available
  • Filters to see enabled vs disabled domains is available

Birthdays in Calendar

  • When the birthday custom field in user profile setup under ‘Modules > People > Module Settings > Full Profile’ is disabled/unchecked by the domain admin then birthdays of users in your domain will not get displayed on the calendar
  • To enable birthdays to show up on the calendar the following should be true
    • Greetings module should be enabled
    • Birthday field in user profile to be enabled/checked