Introducing SMS Campaigns


SMS campaign is a new type of engagement campaign that can be used to target a specific segment of your company over Text/SMS. SMS campaigns are an excellent way to text essential information to all employees individually because the messages can be personalized, can be scheduled in advance and their reach is measurable. If your users don’t click on the link in the SMS/Text, boost the campaign to re-send it to the set of users who haven’t clicked on the link. SMS engagement campaigns give domain admins an in-built tool to get their users to login and when done right they will significantly increase the adoption & engagement on your intranet.

Video Walk-through of SMS campaigns

Create SMS engagement campaign

  • Domain admins can now create a new type of engagement campaign that is sent over SMS/Text to targeted segment of network users
  • The network users need to have a “mobile” number filled on their profile to be sent the SMS/Text as part of the campaign
  • Ability to add a link to a specific post, page, file, news feed, wiki etc. in the SMS which will automatically get deep-linked and launch the MangoApps mobile app when a user clicks on it.

Target audience & narrow user segments

  • Select the audience with mobile numbers using the filters to navigate the company structure by organization, office location, department etc.
  • Narrow further the audience based on inactivity and platform
  • If the domain admin who is creating the SMS campaign also qualifies in the target audience then they will also receive the campaign SMS
  • The users who satisfy the target audience must have mobile number entered in their profile to qualify for the campaign
  • The SMS will be sent from different numbers and varies from country to country.
  • SMS like other engagement campaigns are for network users only (guest users are not included)

Ability to send test SMS

  • Ability to send a test SMS campaign to a selected list of users
  • Test SMS recipients will not be included in the insights
  • You can sent test SMS to up to a max of 5 users in one campaign

Ability to preview the SMS

  • Preview the SMS prior to sending it
  • Preview will include
    • Substitution tags replaced with actual user names
    • Shortened link if a link has been added in the domain URL field

Ability to create drafts & schedule SMS campaigns

  • Save drafts of SMS campaigns for other domain admins to review/collaborate on it
  • Ability to schedule SMS campaigns in advance is available

Audit-ready insights & report for the SMS campaign

  • SMS campaigns allow domain admins to see the performance of the campaign by measuring the clicks (when a link /URL is added in the SMS)
  • Day-by-day graph of the total clicks from the SMS is available to the domain admins
  • Count of users to whom the SMS was delivered is available
  • Clicked vs un-clicked list of network users is available for SMS campaigns that have a link in them
  • Campaign history captures creation, edits and boost of the SMS campaign
  • Download the insights in XLS which includes the audience details for the SMS campaign

Boost SMS campaign

  • Boost campaigns to follow up with network users who haven’t clicked on the link in the SMS
  • Ability to boost is only available when there is a link in the SMS
  • Personalize the message while boosting the SMS