Patch MA Release 14.2.2 (Sept 14th to US Cloud)

This is a minor MangoApps patch release 14.2.2 (on top of MA release 14.2.1) which includes ability to search quick links in company & team pages, availability of MangoApps on AWS marketplace and miscellaneous software bug fixes rolled into it.

Quick links in pages are searchable now

  • Quick links added in company & team pages can now be searched from the global search bar
  • Matching quick links will appear in the search look-ahead results under the pages section
  • Matching quick links will also appear in the detailed search results under the pages section
  • Ability to hide the title in one of the quick link layouts has been added

File viewer has a home icon

  • File viewer now has a home icon on the top left to go directly to the landing page of the user
  • Ability to close the file viewer and go back to the page you were on is still supported via the cross icon on the top right
  • Home icon is available when viewing a file of any time – office files, images, PDF, videos etc

Availability of MangoApps on AWS marketplace

  • Mango Intranet, Mango Work & Mango Suite applications will now available on AWS marketplace.
  • Billing & invoicing will be handled by AWS.  MangoApps SaaS service will continue to be fully managed by MangoApps on the AWS data center of your choice.


Self signup opened on


Miscellaneous software fixes

  • Option to post a comment on a post appears even when the admin has disabled comments. This has been fixed.
  • Acknowledged required posts that are in draft could not be viewed. This has been fixed.
  • Media attachments on the user’s profile in some cases could not be viewed. This has been fixed.
  • Timesheet reports export to XLS used to fail. This has been fixed.
  • Comments on a post sometimes showed incorrect picture of the user who was posting the comment. This has been fixed.
  • User look-ahead in trackers on IE 11 had issues rendering. This has been fixed.
  • Look ahead searches will now be setup to go to slave/read database for improved reliability / faster performance