Overview of Release 11.1

Once again we’re so excited to share with our Shared Cloud Customers what we’ve been working on for the last several months. Our goal at MangoApps is to delight teams with the UX & empower them with functionality to do great things together.

In MangoApps 11.1, we have added multi-lingual support to social intranet, simplified the widget gallery, built the new tasks module for medium size enterprises, added improvements requested by our customers, made file sync faster & more reliable, enhanced security by deprecating old cipher suites, have newer controls for IT and much more – all this to make communicating and collaborating using MangoApps a lot more engaging, productive and secure for your employees, customers and partners.

For new customers we are also launching ability to signup for MangoApps Team Collaboration & MangoApps Social Intranet as standalone products with ability to add the other one at anytime in future. This change does not impact the existing customers but does bring them the same flexibility to manage add/remove modules & apps in their current domains.