New & Faster Tasks Management UX

New UI/UX of Tasks is made for collaboration and getting results. Simple and easy to use, shared lists let you manage your team’s projects and gives everyone in your team a clear overview of who’s responsible for every to-do

There’s a fresh, newly redesigned Tasks Module with functionality optimised for growing teams. With this redesign, we want to make tasks & milestones more of a delight to use, day in and day out and we’re aiming for the new UX to make it easier to stay organised and focused as your projects grow. Thanks for all the great feedback, Tasks wouldn’t be what it is today without such a passionate and involved user community. The new UI will become the interface for all new and existing users in Dec’15.

Here is the summary of the changes:

  • List view of all tasks which can be sorted by priority, due date or a sequence to allow you to stay focussed on your most important tasks
  • Details view to add and review the details associated with the task and get the most out of it, while keeping your lists neat and tidy. The task details view has all the information you need including comments, files, checklists (a.k.a. sub tasks), time log and much more
  • Add many tasks quickly to a project pool or assign directly to a responsible person using the new task box
  • Drag n Drop tasks to re-order sequence. In a project the same sequence order is seen by all members helping keep everyone on the same page
  • Adding a checklist (a.k.a. sub tasks) for each task is much easier & faster now. As you check-mark an item in the checklist the progress % of the task is automatically updated, so you save time in sending separate updates on the progress
  • New UI to add time spent by each member of the project on the task
  • New functionality to enable or disable the task workflow per project
  • New milestone bucket view to get a list of tasks in a particular milestone. Additional ability to add multiple milestone buckets which gives project managers a powerful multi-project view of tasks
  • New capability to do bulk operations like Move tasks from one milestone to another or delete duplicate tasks
  • New filters to get PDF report for tasks