Social Intranet Page & Post Enhancements

Multi-Languages Support for Pages:

Intranet admins now have the ability to duplicate a company or team page and localize it into a different language. You’ll be proud that your new intranet is multi-lingual helping communicate company information & policies across your world-wide offices in a local language.

Features include:

  • Choice of 10 languages to create pages in. This includes English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish & Swedish
  • Page titles, page content, page tags & page file attachments are unique to each language page giving you the flexibility of having the content fully localized in a language
  • User comments & change activity on the page is common across all language pages gives you a consolidated view of communication happening on it
  • Users automatically land on the most appropriate page based on the language preference set in their profile
  • Multi-language pages are automatically indexed and their full content is searchable
  • Ability to edit, delete individual language pages


Post Improvements:

Intranet admins with this release have the ability to promote public team posts at the company level enabling greater collaboration & sharing in the company. The intranet admins can also pick selective employee posts or team posts and make them appear on the company page as before.

Additional improvements added to posts include:

  • Auto save as draft allowing your users to focus on writing the content and not worrying about saving it
  • If you navigated away from the page, without publishing or saving  as draft the post, you will be prompted to do so, to ensure you don’t loose your content.
  • Universal compose now has options to enable comments and mark the post as must read or an announcement for intranet admins
  • Ability to browse posts by category under the company is now available for faster browsing
  • Post related widgets on dashboard have been improved to have more filters like – Pinned, Recent & Most Viewed
  • Quick access to your draft posts using a new “My Draft Posts” at the company level


Better Organization of Widget Gallery & Widget Filters:

  • Widgets have been re-organized into simpler 5 categories – Recommended, Getting Started, New Content, Integration & More Widgets
  • Similar widgets have been combined which enables users to get  more insight from one widget
  • New widgets for integrations and weather have been added
  • Rich text & Rich text with media widgets now have more control to directly edit the source code


More improvements:

  • Ability to assign an icon to any page including posts & dashboard is now available to an intranet admin
  • Intranet admins have new settings to turn off comments and activity tabs for pages