MangoApps for Windows & Mac Enhancements

1. New Features & UI Improvements:

  • Ability to create a new poll has been added to the MangoApps native windows app.
  • UI to set custom status has been improved making it easier to share your status of upto 150 characters.
  • UI of the compose screen has been improved to make it easier to use.

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2. IM/Chat Improvements:

  • Want to know if an important IM from you has been read by all team members? Now you can, with the read receipt feature, you get a real time indication when a recipient reads your IM on any device.
  • Want to send some confidential or time-sensitive information that you wan’t destroyed after it is read? Now you can, with the auto-delete on read feature on any device, The IM is auto-deleted (after 2 mins) when the recipient has read it. The IM is also auto-deleted from the sender’s view when all the recipients have read it.


3. File Sync Improvements & Fixes:

  • User friendly error messages have been added, if a sync fails for some reason. 
  • Bug related to un-linking a synced computer from admin portal resulting in automatically re-start of sync on user’s computer has beed fixed.
  • Bugs around sync stalling at times have been fixed.


4. MangoApps for Office Plugin Improvements & Fixes:

  • Added support for Google Drive as a file repository.
  • Lock on the MangoApps file which is opened in MS Office is now automatically released when MS office is closed.
  • Greatly improved performance in loading of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files when the MangoApps for Office plugin is active.
  • Performance of Open and Save As dialog in office plugin has been improved to ensure that large files list load fast.