New Capabilities For The Admin

1. Profile & People Directory Enhancements:

  • Ability to create multi-valued custom fields and setup the ones to be shown on profile preview popup and profile page
  • All people related configuration including org chart has been consolidated under people module for easy access
  • Admins now have the ability to configure if the user profile preview (& team preview) is visible “on hover” or “on click” of name/image
  • Import from CSV of users have been enhanced to support manager and all custom fields


2. Modules & Apps Combined into One Unified List:

  • Admins now have to configure only modules making it easy to add/remove functionality from one location
  • Any module can now be disabled as long as at-least either News Feed or Company is kept enabled


3. Calendar Setup Enhancements:

  • Admins can now setup the company calendar by adding company holidays and other important dates. Users will be automatically notified a day before the date so they never miss out on it.
  • Admins can mark a range of days to be special days on the calendar, select an image for each item in the calendar and more to ensure everyone in the company is getting the full benefits from the company calendar.



4. Hashtags improvements:

  • Ability to easily merge hashtags across pages using the “Merge Hashtags” action
  • Additional information like creation date and number of items tagged by the hash tag are now available for admins to get insight on



5. Tasks Configuration:

  • Ability to configure tasks types & tasks priorities to match your company’s project management needs
  • Admins can configure if stand-alone tasks outside of projects are allowed


6. Form & Trackers New Settings:

  • You can now control who can create new forms/trackers in your  network
    • Only admins (domain + team) can create new forms/trackers
    • Any network user can create a new form/tracker. This is the factory default for all domains.
  • As an admin you can also configure the label for the Forms/Trackers module


7. Other Improvements for the Admin:

  • Session fixation security issue has been fixed
  • Ability to export all users has been added
  • Ability to turn on/off slack integration has been added