MangoApps for iPhone, iPad & Android Enhancements

  • In this release we have added a new getting started wizard designed for mobile to make your new employee experience delightful & easy on the mobile.
  • All new dashboard on mobile with access to the same widgets as on the web.
  • Your news feeds are about to get expressive. Reactions now bring life to your news feeds on both iOS & Android Apps.
  • Get more productive with newly updated tasks on your MangoApps mobile apps.
  • Share more with co-workers on the go with the newly added ability to compose a blog post from mobile.
  • Reading is easy with ability to viewer nested comments directly in the main feeds view.
  • Revamped private messages UI to give your email like simple experience for messaging 1-1 and 1-few colleagues.
  • Improved readability of posts, wikis and pages on your mobile device.
  • Improved files module in your mobile apps
  • More security enhancements including
    • Ability to change your password from within the mobile app
    • Ability to require setting a PIN before accessing the app
  • Automatic new notifications to never miss out your colleague’s birthday and special company events/dates.

Mobile UI Screenshots:

m1M2 m7m9