What’s Removed/Changed In This Release

List of items that have been removed/changed in this release

AD/LDAP options to control user edit & sync

  • Edit control: The option whether user can edit the synced AD field or not on their profile has been removed from AD/LDAP configuration screen. Domain admins now can configure whether a user profile field is editable or not by a user from the Modules > People > Full Profile page.
  • Sync control: Leaving the mapping field blank now indicates that the field will not be synced from AD.

Edit of email address by users

  • The checkbox to ‘Allow users to edit their email is’ from Modules > People > Settings > Advanced option has been removed.  Domain admins now can configure whether a user can edit their email address by selecting the ‘Email Id’ field under Modules > People > Full Profile page and changing it’s ‘Edit mode’ property.
  • If ‘Edit Mode’ property for email id is set to ‘Editable’, then the user can edit their own email address on their profile.
  • If ‘Edit Mode’ property for email id is set to be ‘Read Only’, then the user cannot edit their own email address (only domain admins can edit the user’s email address in this case).

Work skills user profile field

  • Works skills text box has been deprecated. It has been replaced by a new ‘Skills’ field on user’s profile.
  • List of skills master data can be set by the domains admins from under Modules > People > Skills.
  • Users on their profile page can pick from the master skills list to add to their profile page.

Filtering by content type in my feeds

  • Filter dropdown that listed all types of content under ‘My Feeds’ has been removed. It’s been replaced by the advanced search bar in news feeds. To turn on the advanced search bar which enables searching by content type along with other attributes goto Change My Settings > News Feed > Feed Display and set ‘Select feeds filtering option’ to ‘Advanced search’.

Pin of news feed has been simplified

  • The pin dropdown which lists the different reasons to pin has been removed. Pin is now a 1-click action
  • The items that are pinned will continue to appear under ‘News Feed > Pinned’ tab

Office fun & Birthday gifts modules have been replaced

  • Office fun & birthday gifts module have been removed and have been replaced by the new greetings module
  • Birthdays is now a category inside the ‘Greetings’ module with better choice of birthday greetings to give to co-workers

Event RSVP option

  • ‘May be attending’ option has been removed from event
  • Events will now have only 2 RSVP options – Attending & Not Attending


Chat & Other Miscellaneous changes:

  • Chats as a module is now available in teams (projects, groups & departments) with upto 100 members
  • Training videos have not be consolidated as an option under the ‘Help Center’. They have been removed from the top navigation bar.