Software Fixes In This Release

This is the list of issues reported in earlier versions of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Windows Desktop & Mac App Fixes:

  • Double upload of files in sync: On creating a new folder & then renaming/moving the folder or files in it, files used to get re-uploaded
  • Renaming file issue in sync: As part of multi-part file upload, parent folder id in some cases was not being set correctly causing sync to fail
  • Zero byte file issue in sync: Upload of files created with 0 bytes has been stopped
  • Files tab:
    • Multiple entries for the same file were shown in the log when different actions/operations that took place on it. For example say a file was uploaded, renamed and then deleted there would be 3 entries in the file sync log. Now for one file only 1 entry exists in the file log and it is updated with the latest action & time the action took place.
    • Sync info messages have been improved where both old & new info is mentioned in the message. For example “File moved from folder x to y”, “File downloaded in folder F” etc. (The new messages are on Mac client only at this time. They come to windows in the next release of MangoApps)
  • Archive/Backup: Duplicate copies of folders were created on un-linking the client from sync & un-linking a specific folder from sync. Now only one backup copy of the folder/files is created.
  • OS Support:  Support for mac OS Mojave (version 10.14) has been added (Mac only)


Mobile App Fixes:

  • Video auto play: The auto play of the video did not stop/pause when the video was no longer visible. This issue has been fixed
  • Shortcut: Shortcuts were not getting highlighted on selection. This issue has been fixed
  • Android app performance:  Notification was getting delayed on the android app. This issue has been fixed
  • Quick link widget: Opening a page from the quick link widget at times did not load the data on it. This issue has been fixed
  • Event notification: Clicking on the event notification on iOS did not open the event details in the calendar. This issue has been fixed
  • User search: Incorrect username was being displayed when you do a search for a colleague who doesn’t have email address. This issue has been fixed
  • Push notification: At times a blank push notification was being shown in the android app. This issue has been fixed
  • Slider widget: Post preview was not visible in the slider widget on mobile. This issue has been fixed


Web App Fixes:

  • Wiki export: Export actions on wikis to XLS/PDF were not working. This issue has now been fixed
  • Tracker: When editing a field/column that is a drop-down with a long list of values (40+), the list was getting cutoff and the user wasn’t able to scroll nor type in a keyword to find the right value. This issue has now been fixed
  • Timesheet: Edit of date values was not getting reflected on the timesheet. This has now been fixed.
  • Embed group feeds externally: In certain scenarios the embedded group feeds in a external app showed a blank page. This is fixed now
  • Tracker file: Renaming a file attached to a tracker entry did not work. This has been fixed
  • Ideas widget: Idea widget was only showing 1 item even when a higher count is setup. This has been fixed
  • Team page: Team pages were not getting deleted. This has been fixed
  • Holiday widget:  Holiday widget count limit was not getting enforced. This has been fixed
  • Custom status: New custom status was not reflected when the chat module was turned off. This has been fixed
  • Scheduled post: Action button label for a scheduled post was getting changed to ‘save & publish’ on auto-draft instead of remaining as ‘schedule post’
  • Opportunities: Edit of dates on opportunities was not taking effect. This has been fixed