Availability of MangoApps on Zapier (Beta)

Zapier + MangoApps = Automation that only takes a few minutes to save hours (or even days) of work

With MangoApps as the trigger for zaps, you’ll never have to export or copy content out of MangoApps. With MangoApps as the action for zaps, Zapier will create posts, events, tasks and more from other sources, so you never have to.

Build your own custom zap on Zapier or try one of these popular MangoApps pre-build zaps:

From Zapier.com

  • Search for ‘MangoApps’ on zapier.com
  • Use one of the pre-defined zaps are create your own


From MangoApps

  • Zaps can be setup by team admins and by individual users
  • A team admin can connect a zap to the team from Configure Integrations > Zapier
  • A user can connect a zap from Change My Settings > Integrations
  • Learn more about it here