Overview of Release 12.7

We’re back to share our 2nd release of this year with you. This release has items requested by our customers like post templates to make content creation faster & easier, a vibrant UI for company module on mobile to increase employee engagement and new capabilities for admins that help them manage their MangoApps domain more effectively.

  • Introducing Company & Team Post TemplatesStreamline your content creation with re-usable post templates that make it easier to produce new content on a regular basis.
  • Mobile Company Module Gets A New Vibrant UIThe new mobile first UI has been designed to make internal communications engaging and provide the employee experience on mobile that is critical to enable a digital workplace.
  • New Capabilities for Domain Administrators: This release adds the following new capabilities for domain administrators:
    • Sync of groups & group membership support with SSO provider Okta
    • Ability to edit past holidays
    • Ability to configure “CC” email addresses per user for receiving password notification emails
    • Sync of Skype ID with AD, LDAP and SAML SSO providers
  • Web Interface – More Enhancements & UX Improvements: MangoApps web interface in this release has added the following enhancements:
    • Ability to schedule a company & team post
    • Widget gallery gets a new ‘to do summary’ widget & ability to duplicate ‘RSS widget’ on dynamic pages
    • Custom fields per team for files
    • Image related new enhancements (e.g., Print image, Embed image code)
    • Additional UI/UX improvements (e.g., More control over order of posts, Calendar UI improvement etc)
  • Mobile iOS & Android – More Enhancements & UX Improvements: MangoApps mobile apps in this release have added the following enhancements:
    • ToDo module is now available in the mobile apps
    • Team posts list UI has been improved
    • Login simplified with domain URL auto-filling for all our shared cloud customers & other additional improvements
  • Desktop & Mac Enhancement: MangoApps desktop & mac apps in this release have added the following enhancement:
    • Custom status UI has been improved
  • Bug Fixes: Reported issues from earlier version of MangoApps have been fixed.
  • What’s Removed/Deprecated: Items that have been changed/removed/deprecated starting this release

MangoApps Release 12.7 goes live on all data centres (US, Europe, Australia, Germany and Asia) on Feb 15th