Mobile Company Module Gets A New Vibrant UI

The new mobile first UI has been designed to make internal communications engaging and provide the employee experience on mobile that is critical for a digital workplace hub.

1. Mobile First Company Module

  • Company page now has a new UI that shows the most recently created company post and all the active company pages on it.
  • Tap on “View all” to view all the company posts that includes your company announcements, must reads and other news.
  • The order of pages & page icons on mobile will match up with what’s setup by your intranet admin.
  • Tap on the page to open the mobile-first view of the page.

2. Company Posts List New UI

  • The company posts list UI has been re-done as a card-layout which makes it engaging to view all the company announcements, must read posts & other posts in the list.
  • Newly created posts appear on top giving employees easy access to most recent company posts.
  • Each post shows the featured image, post title, reactions it has received and number of times the post has been viewed.


3. Optimized for Both iPhone & iPad

  • The new company module UI has been optimized for different device sizes.
  • The list of company posts becomes multi-columned when it is viewed on iPad (landscape mode) to make use of the real-estate available.