Mobile iOS & Android – More Enhancements & UX Improvements

MangoApps mobile apps in this release get the following new features & improvements

1. To-Do module now on mobile

  • MangoApps iOS & Android apps now have the To-Do module available
  • Users can add new todos, view pending & completed todos, order them by priority & due date and edit existing todos.
  • The todo module can be turned off or made available in the primary navigation at any location like other modules in the mobile app.
  • The new todo summary widget can also be added to the user’s mobile dashboard.

2. Team posts list UI enhanced

  • The team posts list UI has been re-done as a card-layout which makes it engaging to view the team announcements, must read posts & other posts in the team.
  • Each team post shows the featured image, post title, reactions it has received and number of times the post has been viewed.


3. Additional Enhancements / Improvements

  • On login window, the Domain URL of your specific MangoApps instance is automatically determined from the email address you type. This makes it easier for your users to login on mobile from now onwards without having to remember the URL.

  • Ability to look up users has been enhanced to allow full names to be typed in the search type-ahead. For large companies where many users have same names this will come handy when looking up a user by name.

  • On file viewer the external share option is now available for users who have owner or editor privileges only (User with viewer privilege on the file won’t see this option)

  • Chat messages in 1-0-1 and team can now be printed