New Capabilities for Domain Administrators

This release adds the following new capabilities for domain administrators

1. Sync of groups & group membership with SSO provider Okta

  • Groups from Okta can now be synced with MangoApps. Group sync is triggered behind the scenes when a user successfully logs into their MangoApp domain (if the domain admin has enabled sync of groups).
  • Private groups get created in MangoApps with the group creator configured in the admin portal as the group admin. Groups deleted in Okta get archived in MangoApps in the sync cycle.
  • Group membership from Okta is also synced with MangoApps keeping the members in the groups same in both MangoApps and Okta.
  • Groups that are synced from Okta in MangoApps can be filtered using the ‘Group Types’ attribute

2. Ability to edit past holidays & important dates

  • Admins can now edit past holidays & important dates and make them applicable for the current / future year.
  • This enhancement makes it faster for admins to setup the company calendar for each year.

3. Ability to configure a “CC” email addresses per user for password notification emails

  • Admins can now pick a user custom field and have the user password notification emails (e.g., reset password, password changed successfully) be CC’ed to the email address entered in the custom field
  • Multiple email addresses can be added to this custom field (separated by comma). Password notification emails will be CC’ed to all the email addresses in the custom field.

4. Sync of Skype ID with AD and SAML SSO providers

  • From this release onwards admins can configure Skype ID field in AD/LDAP  & all SAML SSO providers to be synced into MangoApps