Bug Fixes in this Release

Web & Platform Fixes:

  • Media Widget: A URL that has a bracket  “()” in it couldn’t set as a link on the image added to the media widget. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Download Folder: Download of a folder / multiple files used to fail at times. This has been fixed in this release and download is working.
  • De-activate User: On de-activation of a user, the last logged-in time was getting updated to the current time. This issue has been resolved and the last logged-in time will not be updated when a user is de-activated.
  • Digest Emails: Weekly or monthly digest emails at times did not come thru’. This has been fixed and you’ll receive the digest emails if the digest email notification setting is on.
  • Announcement Widget: The slider bar at times used to overlap with the announcement widget title making it un-readable. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Chinese User Name Import: Using the import CSV for users, if the user name was in Chinese, it used to fail. This issue has been fixed now and Chinese user names can be imported via a CSV file.
  • Guest User File Module: On IE 11, the file module not loading completely at times. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Wikis: Edit of wikis at times did not work on IE 11.This has been fixed in this release.

iOS & Android Fixes:

  • Image Extension in Uppercase Upload: On android when the image in the gallery had the extension “.JPEG” in uppercase, upload of it was failing. This issue has been fixed now to support upload of image file with name in any case.
  • Cropped Image Upload: On iOS when a image was cropped on the phone and then uploaded to MangoApps, it was still getting uploaded as the original un-cropped image. This has been fixed now to upload the cropped image correctly.
  • Birthday on Self-Profile: On iOS the birthday value on user’s profile was incorrectly shown. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Wrong Picture Shown: On iOS in some cases incorrect profile picture was getting shown. This has been fixed and now in all cases the user’s correct profile picture would be shown.
  • ToS Not Shown: On iOS the ToS was not shown to the user in some cases. This has been fixed to ensure that the ToS screen is always shown (when configured by the admin) and the user accepts it before proceeding ahead.
  • Poll Visibility Issue: On iOS, the poll entered for a team was being shown to the user’s followers instead. This issue has been fixed for the poll to have the correct visibility now.