Overview of 9.2 Release

In MangoApps version 9.2, we introduce a number of new features, including the Trackers & Form Designer tool, and improvements, like better custom apps and searching capabilities, that will make communicating and collaborating in your company even easier.

We are happy to announce MangoApps Release 9.2. In this release we have added exciting new capabilities to the 3 existing pillars of MangoApps — Intranet, Collaboration, and Employee Social Network. At a high level MangoApps 9.2 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Trackers & Form Designer to help you coordinate and track anything
  • Numerous customization capabilities to tailor your Intranet platform
  • Improved Custom Apps to make MangoApps your central hub for all employees
  • Lots of Admin & Security features including regulatory compliance related features
  • Improved Search UX with advanced search options across different Intranet modules
  • New capabilities to native Windows Desktop and Mac clients
  • New improvements in native iOS and Android mobile clients
  • Screen Capture & Video Recording Enhancements to the Windows Screen Capture Client (TinyTake)
  • New “Enterprise+” plan for deep enterprise integration and security features

Please click on the links to the left to view details around each of these changes. Other resources that you may be interested in: